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The Juicy band from Charleston, WV

Juicy, from Charleston West Virginia, has been described as "the best rock band West Virginia has ever seen." Comprised of a group of friends with decades of professional experience, Juicy brings a concert–quality signature sound that amazes live audiences. Juicy performs rock classics over the past four decades, with songs from Led Zepplin, Bob Seger, Pink Floyd, ELO, Rush and many more artists. An extensive song list let's Juicy tailor a performance to your event.

If you're looking for the best band in the West Virginia, you're looking for Juicy!

Kevin Mullins
Lead Vocals, Guitar
Kevin Mullins – of Charleston, WV is the vocalist for Juicy. He has been playing professionally since the age of 7. Vocal influences include Freddie Mercury, Sam Cooke, Peter Gabriel, and Paul Rogers, among others. Kevin has fronted many bands throughout his professional career including, Blind Gypsy, H.Y.M.P, and The Esquires. As the opening act for such artists as, The Georgia Satellites, Aldo Nova, Cheap Trick, Survivor, Skid Row and many others, Kevin has developed a vocal style and range that is exceptional to say the least.
Chris Amick
Chris Amick – of St. Albans, WV is a self–taught guitarist for Juicy who has been actively playing for over 35 years, focusing primarily in the rock and blues genre with influences including Jimi Hendrix, Robin Trower, David Gilmore and Frank Marino, among others. He has played in numerous bands over the years including lead guitar duties for The Edge rock band in Morgantown, WV in the 1980s. Mr. Amick has played lead guitar for the White Molasses blues band in the Charleston area for the past 20 years.
Chet Williamson
Guitar, Vocals
Chet Williamson – of Charleston, WV is a self-taught guitarist who formerly played for the band Toothless Ruth. He has been playing professionally for over 30 years as a member of numerous local bands. Chet's transcendent style and tone are a testament to his hard work and passion for his music.
Jeff Anderson
Bass Guitar, Vocals
Jeff Anderson – of St. Albans, WV is the bassist for Juicy laying down the melodic thunder along with drummer Greg Fortner. Jeff has been involved with in the Charleston area music scene for over 30 years playing with some of the area's finest musicians including, Bill Holstein, Jack Cook, Buster Coles and Mike Fowler among others. But, in his words, "Juicy is by far the most completely talented group of players I have ever worked with". Prior to Juicy, Jeff has worked with a number of bands up and down the East Coast playing a variety of styles from Rock and Disco to R&B and Country. Jeff credits his exposure to such a wide range of genres with his ability to adapt to Juicy's eclectic repertoire so readily.
Greg Fortner
Percussion, Vocals
Greg Fortner – of Charleston WV has taken his "have drums will travel" attitude from Charleston to the west coast and back again. Performing on small club stages and large festival venues with unknown and nationally know bands. Listing all Greg's former bands and acts he has shared the stage with would only be in his words "showing off". A high energy drummer, Greg relishes the hype and excitement of the live performance. Pounding out rhythms and grooves with bassist Jeff Anderson to form "Juicy's Sonic Backbone". Greg's stated influences are everyone that ever picked up a drum stick and pounded out a groove. "I have stolen licks from everyone from Neil Peart, to the kid down the street" is Greg's favorite way to list his influences. Greg plays Sonor drums, and Zildjian cymbals. Favorite quote: "Keep it fun and make em party. That's Juicy baby".
Jim Bateman
Keyboards, Cowbell, Vocals
Jim Bateman – of Charleston, WV like Rick Derringer before him, realized at an early age that musical talent would be his ticket out of the small–town confines of Union City, Ohio. After beginning piano lessons at age 7, he became a source of frustration for his teacher with his disinterest in the fundamentals and constant pestering to show him how to play like Jerry Lee Lewis. After learning to play most wind instruments and a little guitar in school, he eventually made his way to Charleston WV after graduating from Morehead State University, where he had found himself at odds with the non– rocking ethos of the music department. After playing in several local bands he had given up on finding a band that wanted to play the same kind of music he did (music that reflects his various keyboard influences such as Roy Bittan, Elton and Dr. John and any keyboard player employed by the Rolling Stones, particularly Nicky Hopkins). Then he got the call from Juicy. It turns out he was right all along– there IS an audience for this music. He just needed to find the right crew with the right mix of talent and attitude. His career has withstood such various ups and downs as the public relations firestorm that erupted due to his short–lived marriage to his 13 year–old cousin, the notorious 1977 heroin bust in Toronto, his Indian sojourn with the Maharishi, and his breakthrough performance at the Monterey Pop Festival when he lit his piano on fire. And ladies, he's good looking.
Bob Harrold
Saxophones, Wind Synth, Vocals
Bob Harrold – of St. Albans, WV. Bobby Harrold, the newest member (and elder statesman) of the band, is probably one the oldest saxophone players you'll ever see live on stage. Back in the day, he honed his skills right along side the great 'Elmo Gooch' just outside the tent at the  county fair in Madison in the late 30's. Bob has steadily climbed the ladder in his accomplishments. He was lead saxophonist in the Homney Grits Bar and Grill (not there anymore) located a little ways outside of Logan. Bob later travelled from Miami to Montreal on the strip club circuit, and became the man he is today. Bobby says, "I'm so happy to be with JUICY because they're geazers too".

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"Saturday night I went to see a concert at the Civic Center Little Theater. The band called Juicy played a Pink Floyd tribute. Charleston doesn't realize how good this band is. Please go see this band. It was an excellent concert."

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